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Branding for Janice Jarrell

Janice Jarrell is a gay romance author who although has been writing for many years didn't have a logo. Janice wanted me to design a branding pack that reflected her writing style and resonated with her audience. 


Janice Jarrell

"Pippa fashions her digital designs with all the skill of a Rembrandt wielding his brush. Her color choices are exquisite, and her design skills are unparallel. The quality and volume of graphic designs I received in the one package I ordered absolutely blew my mind.
Her brand guidelines are an encyclopedia of information about my brand, colors used, fonts used, various formats, amazing ideas about how to use your branding to promote your work. It is a document I feel sure I will refer to again and again.
BUT... in all honesty none of this reflects what is most amazing about Pippa’s work. These amazing elements are merely the tip of a very large iceberg.  She didn’t just throw a design idea out there in a few pretty colors. She researched my books, my characters, my readers, my reviews, my website. And the branding she created to represent these very important segments of my life did not merely reflect the facts about what I do and who I am. Her designs reflected their heart, their soul, and their spirit."

- Janice Jarrell, Author

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